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40 Years and Counting

Founded in 1982, Northern Churches Care began as five churches offering a food pantry for low-income individuals and families. Evolving into a vital relief ministry to prevent homelessness, the ministry was renamed Mercy's Gate in 2012. Today, it offers comprehensive direct services serving our neighbors in crisis in Jesus’ name.

Mission Statement:

For people in crisis, we offer relief, the hope of the Gospel, and a vision for restoration.

Vision Statement:

People flourish, walk with Christ, are rooted in a local church, and the community thrives.

Core Values:

Christ-centered: we follow Jesus’ leading and seek to share His love.

Compassion: we listen to understand, leading us to act in love.

Teamwork: we coordinate efforts as the hub to achieve a common goal.

Stewardship: we maximize money, time and relationships to achieve and demonstrate results.

Urgency: we prioritize strategic decisions today for greater mission impact tomorrow.

Care. Connection. Compassion.

In Colorado Springs, poverty is hidden in plain sight. One out of three El Paso County residents works hard but still struggles to survive. Bringing home a paycheck—or two—is not enough. As the middle class continues to shrink and become further under-resourced, more and more of our neighbors slip through the cracks.

A seemingly minor setback can become a crisis for many individuals and families living paycheck to paycheck. A car breaks down. A medical bill arrives. An illness or injury becomes debilitating. A job is lost, or work hours are reduced. These are the kind of situations that lead someone to Mercy’s Gate. And since 1982, we’ve offered life-changing support and resources to people in crisis.

Everyone who walks through our doors has a story, and many never imagined needing to ask for help. We work with our neighbors one-on-one to learn more about their situation, offer our Direct Services, connect them to resources, and refer them to other local organizations. Our efforts create a much-needed safety net, giving hardworking individuals and families a place to turn in challenging times.

We meet our neighbors where they are, in their crisis. We love with open arms. We listen with open hearts. We pray with them and share the transformative power of the Gospel when appropriate. And with help from volunteers, church partners, and strategic community partners, we offer relief, hope and a vision for restoration—in Jesus’ name.

Our comprehensive approach and resources strive to address every area of one’s life: financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, education, and career. The path to restoration looks different for everyone. But at Mercy’s Gate, we always begin with compassion.

Because at Mercy’s Gate, we believe a community is only as strong as its most vulnerable residents—and “community” is what happens when we take care of each other.

A new life begins on the other side of Mercy’s Gate. Let’s walk our neighbors home together.

Mercy’s Gate offers life-changing support and resources to people in crisis.