Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Join us this December as Mercy's Gate unveils its annual Home for the Holidays program to provide housing assistance to our cherished neighbors. As the winter winds swirl, we believe no one should worry about keeping a roof over their head, especially during the holiday season.

Our dedicated team is on hand to offer you vital rent and mortgage assistance to alleviate any housing stress you might be experiencing. Whether you're behind on payments or struggling with increased expenses, our aid ensures you can comfortably stay in your Home. Please note that this aid will be available in all ministry sessions, apart from Friday evenings, when we devote all our resources to our indispensable food pantry.

Under our Home for the Holidays program, we can assist with a part of your rent or mortgage. The precise amount of this aid will be determined during a personalized meeting with you, ensuring we fully comprehend your circumstances and can tailor our assistance accordingly.

This December, allow us to warm your holidays with our support. Our Home for the Holidays program is a gesture of our unwavering commitment to serving the community and understanding the power of 'home' during the holiday season. Mercy's Gate is your beacon of hope, helping when you need it most.

Eligibility Requirements: Must be listed on a signed lease or mortgage statement and must not have received rent/mortgage assistance from Mercy’s Gate in this calendar year. Landlords and mortgage companies must accept partial payment by check.

To learn more about our eligibility requirements, please visit our housing assistance webpage: https://mercysgate.dev.simpleissimple.com/get-help/direct-services/housing-assistance