Church Partners

Church Partners

An Invitation to a Transformative Partnership with Mercy's Gate

Mercy's Gate invites you to partner and be a beacon of hope to our El Paso County community members caught in poverty. Every church partnership can create transformation ripples and help restore lives in these trying times.

Mercy's Gate provides a proven plan for meeting these community needs efficiently. Established in 1982, we have helped individuals and families survive their most challenging times, serving as a reliable support system. We want to share this blueprint with you, equipping you with our effective program to create a substantial impact in our community. Our longstanding history in El Paso County and excellent ECFA/GuideStar ratings lend credence to our ministry endeavors.

Join us and take part in this vital ministry of compassion. Witness our work live, determine your engagement level, and begin using our crisis cards and referral system. As part of this partnership, we pledge to keep the Gospel central, utilize your resources with integrity and accountability, and continue our mission, vision, and core values to the best of our ability.

Answer this call to action now by watching this informative video about becoming a church partner or scheduling a tour to see our work in action. Alternatively, join us for a conversation about the gravity of poverty in our community and explore engagement opportunities. Your involvement will allow you to avoid veering off your primary mission, thereby maintaining focus on serving the community.

Become a part of this impactful change today and shine a light in the lives of our neighbors, serving as the beacon of hope in their journey to stability and resilience. Experience the rewarding transformation of bringing your community members from the brink of despair to an empowered life. Remember, a new life begins on the other side of Mercy's Gate.

At Mercy's Gate, we believe a community is only as strong as its most vulnerable residents—and community is what happens when the capital “C” Church joins forces to take care of the poor in our community.

Together, let's prevent homelessness in Jesus’ name.

We are eager to meet you and introduce you to the valuable work we do at Mercy's Gate.

To take a tour and learn more about becoming a church partner with Mercy’s Gate, kindly reserve a time to connect with the Executive Director, Jason Dilger, at

Join us in fulfilling our mission and extending Jesus’ love, care, and compassion to our neighbors in need throughout El Paso County.

Mission, Vision, Core Values, & Statement of Faith

In January of 2004, we began our partnership with Mercy’s Gate. We have found this gospel-centered relationship to be beneficial to our immediate community as well as our staff. Our desire is to love our neighbors as ourselves, and Mercy’s Gate has provided an avenue for us to fulfill this calling. Partnering with their team has enabled us to reach our community and given us a place to send those in need of assistance. Their many resources have blessed those that have walked through our doors searching for help from their Savior and have opened many doors for sharing the gospel.