Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

At Mercy’s Gate, we value your well-being and prioritize your medical needs. As part of our commitment to ensuring your health, we provide gift cards that can be utilized to offset the expenses associated with medical care. Moreover, through our collaboration with America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses, we can connect you with professionals who can offer a comprehensive eye exam and glasses, ensuring that your optical needs are met.

Medical Expense Assistance

  • One time per calendar year per household.
  • Assistance amount varies.
  • Gift cards may be used for:
    • Co-pays/medical bills.
    • Prescriptions.
    • Over-the-counter medications and supplies—anything you would buy at a drug store, from Tylenol to crutches.
    • Vision care expenses.
    • Dental care expenses.

Vision Exam and Glasses Referral

  • One time per calendar year per household.
  • This program is only through America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses.
  • The offer covers payment for an eye exam and two pairs of basic glasses for as many people in your household as need help with vision.